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Top 3 Blackwater careers You May Consider

There are many Blackwater careers to choose from. Blackwater trains then helps people have a career in security field and other industries. It was founded in 1997 to provide human resources to local and regional institutions. After more than a decade, the company now offers training for people who want to be in the field of risk assessment and security across the world. What’s great about this company is that they have careers for any gender, age and race. Here are some careers that you may consider and obtained through training in the Blackwater.

  • Firearms Instructor  

Because Blackwater is the academy for those who want to be in the security field, being a firearms instructor is also one of the Blackwater careers that you can consider. A firearms instructor is mainly responsible in teaching the company’s clients about firearms like shotgun and pistol. There are curriculums to be followed but a firearms instructor should also be able to update and develop the existing curriculums. One who wants to be a firearms instructor should also be knowledgeable on surveillance and security tactics. Blackwater requires that applicants for the positions have training in the US Army or Marine Corp Sniper School and an experience in law enforcement or military operations.

  • Role Player 

Being a role player is also one of the best Blackwater careers you could consider. It is a fun job because you will be participating in situational trainings. A role player assists in training scenarios as participants. He may be just a bystander or the aggressor in situations made up for the training. Note that non-lethal weapons link paintball and blank bullets may be involved in training scenarios so be ready to deal with them. It is a good career for those who want to be part of Blackwater yet no experience in weapon handling, finance and other fields. Even those who do not have a bachelor’s degree can be a role player.

  • Pricing Analyst 

Being a pricing analyst is one of the Blackwater careers that you can pursue. A pricing analyst usually works in the consulting division. One of its primary responsibilities is to prepare pricing and cost data. Another is to ensure that the estimates and pricing proposals are reviewed by the management. Depending on the company, a pricing analyst’s responsibilities may also include reviewing RFP/RFQ and identifying labor resources and materials. Sometimes, the pricing analyst also needs to report to the manager directly. Note that a pricing analyst must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or business. It also requires years of experience in similar field or position.

There are many Blackwater careers to choose from. You can find logistics and finance job positions such as pricing analyst. There are positions for security and risk assistance field, too. Most importantly, those who want a fun and challenging job can try to be a role player. Among all Blackwater careers, this position does not have a particular requirement aside from the eagerness to take on various roles for trainings.